How to Send Automated Email In LabVIEW

Updated Feb 27, 2019

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  • LabVIEW

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How can I use LabVIEW to send an Automated Email through Microsoft Outlook.


This can be done by implementing the following:

  1. The Automation Open VI opens a reference to an ActiveX Object. In this Example, we use an Outlook Application object.
  2. An Invoke node creates a new mail item. The datatype of this reference is a variant by default.
  3. Because the default datatype of the new reference is a variant, we must specify the reference type with the 'Variant to Data' VI.
  4. Close the reference to the Outlook Applications. This is possible because there is already an open reference to a new message object. 
  5. Use the 'Mailtem' property node to set various parameters for the outgoing message. These traditional email parameters include destination address, subject, body, and importance flag.
  6. The 'Mailtem' invoke node uses an ActiveX function to send the email with the outlook engine
  7. Close the message reference.


Additional Information

If you would like some help implementing this code. Please see the Alliance Partner Directory