How to Use a Custom TrueType Font With an Embedded UI

Updated Oct 27, 2020



  • cRIO-9030


  • LabVIEW Embedded Control and Monitoring Suite

I want to use a custom TrueType font with the Embedded UI, so I have installed the same TrueType font both under Windows and under the CompactRIO. The font on the RIO is shown in the X11/XFCE GUI and by the command line tool fc-list. 
Risultati immagini per find /usr/share/fonts/X11
I have tried to activate the font for the String Indicator both directly from the LabVIEW Editor and using the Property Text|Font|Font Name but it doesn't work.

Importing fonts to the Front Panel of the Embedded UI is not officially supported. As this is unsupported, it is not possible to provide guidance on it, except for this workaround:
  •  Substitute the file font with one among those that is already recognized (Liberation* or PT Sans*) with the desired TTF file font and then reboot the system. After rebooting, the system will show the customized font.