How Do I Reset My Amulet Display?

Updated Feb 20, 2019

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  • Amulet Technologies 4.3 in.

Issue Details

I have written a program on the Amulet display that is not behaving the way I expect. I cannot connect to the Amulet display any longer as my program is causing the display to hang. How can I resolve this behavior?


The Amulet display has two DIP switches on the backside of the device. The upper switch is to switch between run mode and program mode. You should only need to put the first DIP switch in program mode if the flash is corrupted. This can occur when the device is being programmed and power is lost during this operation.
If you have written a program that is not allowing re-connection to the display or updating of the display, you can place the device into calibration mode. If you move the calibration switch to the left, upon boot, the device will automatically go to the calibration screen. This is useful in case you have written a program that has an infinite loop because the calibration screen loads before the user program.

If the calibration screen is left open, you should now be able to target the device in GEMstudio and push a new program to the device.


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