How to Deploy a TestStand Sequence?

Updated Apr 7, 2023



  • TestStand

I developed a TestStand sequence and I need to run it on a deploying computer, what procedure do I have to follow to deploy the sequence?

To deploy a sequence you need to use the TestStand Deploying Utility, that is accessible from Tools->Deploy TestStand System. The TestStand Deployment Utility can generate a deployment image or a folder containing all of the files needed for the deployment. Once you opened the TestStand Deployment Utility:

1. On the System Source tab, configure the directory to deploy. Place a checkmark in the From Directory box, click the Browse button and select directory. Place a checkmark in the From TestStand Public Directories box to include the default process model and provided user interfaces.

2. On the Distributed Files tab, select which files to include in the deployment. Click Yes in the Analyze Source Files dialog box, the analysis finds all required code modules for sequence files in the deployment. Review the files in the files list and verify that the code modules and provided code module folders are present.

3. On the Installer Options tab, remove the checkmark in the Create Installer box. Click Save As and save the deployment configuration, you will create a .tds file, then click the Build button to build deployment. Observe the status log as the build executes. The log indicates the deployment status and notifies you of any errors that occur.