Host-Executable Cannot Find Shared-Variables on RT-Target

Updated Jul 2, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW Real-Time Module
  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I developed a project that includes a Host application and a Real-Time system with a startup executable. I tested my project in the development environment and everything worked perfectly. When testing the Host-executable on a different PC where only the LabVIEW runtime is installed, I get an error that some network shared variables could not be found, or my host front panel indicators don't update with the correct values.


  1. Check that the Shared Variable Engine is installed on the system and that it is running
    • Open the Windows-Services.
    • Check that the Service “NI Variable Engine” is present and running.
    • If you cannot find the NI Variable Engine service, install the distributed systems manager.
  2. Open the “NI Distributed Systems Manager” on your development system. Check where your network shared variables appear. If they appear under “localhost” they must be deployed by your Host application. In the development environment this deployment is usually done automatically at the startup of your application
    • Move the library containing your shared variables form your host system onto the RT-Target. Deploy the network shared variables to your RT-Target. This is done automatically in the development environment, when the .rtexe is deployed to the RT-Target as long as the "Autodeploy Variables" option is not deactivated. The network shared variables will now persist on your RT-Target until you manually undeploy them.
    • You can alternatively enable the deployment of shared variables in the compiled host executables manually.