How to Convert Thermocouple Measurements to Voltage?

Updated Jul 22, 2021



  • NI-9213


  • LabVIEW

I have done a set of measurements with NI 9213 and a K-type thermocouple, but I have configured the task with a J-type, how can I convert these measurements to voltage?

It is possible to use the Tables of Thermoelectric Voltages for thermocouples:

In order to convert the measurements, you will need to pass from temperature measurements to millivolts (mV). To do this you need to find the value of the sample in the table, for example if you have 24°C you go to the respective range, in this case 0° in the first column.
Then find in this row, which is the nearest value to your measurement, in this case 25°c.
Therefore, for a temperature value of 24°C, the equivalent value is 1.277 mV.