Embed graphic in DIAdem REPORT file

Updated Feb 14, 2019

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I use DIAdem for analyzing measured data and creating a report from them. Every measurement contains also photo documentation (picture), which needs to be part of the generated report. I store reports in .tdr files, but now I am afraid that the generated report will be corrupt when copying an only .tdr file without the picture. Can I store the picture directly in the .tdr file to avoid this?


Graphics object available in DIAdem REPORT has the option to store the graphics directly in the .tdr file. Open object properties by double-clicking on the object (or right click on the object and select Display) and select the option Embed graphic in layout when saving. The bit representation of the graphics object will be part of the .tdr file since now.

Additional Information

When the graphics object is the same for every report, consider also to have it as a part of Master Layout. The procedure, how to create Master Layout can be found here.


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