Archived:Error -200175 With PXI/SCXI Combo Chassis

Updated Oct 12, 2021

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  • Chassis for SCXI
  • SCXI (Legacy)

Issue Details

Why am I seeing error -200175 when trying to communicate with my SCXI device on my PXI/SCXI combo chassis? The devices are configured correctly and the communicating PXI device is in the correct slot and working properly.
Please see the picture below.


Error 200175 can be caused by a lack of power to the SCXI portion of your chassis. Keep in mind, while you are working with a PXI/SCXI combo chassis that the PXI and SCXI portions have separate power switches, both need to be on in order to make your SCXI device function properly. For example, on the PXI-1052, the power switch is on the front, while the SCXI power switch is on the back.