How to Make 3D Tables in DIAdem

Updated Jan 21, 2020

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  • DIAdem

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  • I want to make 3D tables in DIAdem REPORT. But, I don't know which types of data channels fit in each content of 3D Table Definition.
  • What is 1st z-channel in 3D Table Definition? 


3D Tables function in DIAdem REPORT is located in the 4th icon from the top. Then, you can choose whether or not the labels exist, which indicates the channel name of X and Y channel. The configuration window of this 3D table called as 3D Table Definition would be found in the right click of object>>Display.

3D tables treat only Triplet structure, not Matrix. So, Before you put channels on this window each property, make sure Triplet (Label X, Label Y, data Z1-ZN) ready. Each label data channels are fit in x-channel and y-channel. In the triplet structure, The number of z-channels corresponds with the length of y-channel. So, 1st z-channel means the first shown channel of the z-channel group in Data Portal sequentially.