Archived:How to Automatically Update an Enum When Using Statecharts?

Updated Nov 13, 2019

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Reported In


  • LabVIEW Statechart Module

Issue Details

I currently have my main VI open along with my Statechart Diagram VI.


I have created a type defined enum which represents all the States in the Statechart, as shown below.


If I update or change anything within the Statechart this enum is not following these changes.

 Is it possible to auto-update the enum if there are changes within the Statechart?


To ensure that any changes in the Statechart are automatically updated in the type defined enum you create please follow the steps below:


  1. Close your main VI.
  2. Make your required changes in the Statechart.
  3. Save all changes.
  4. Close the Statechart.
  5. Ensure only your Statechart Diagram VI is open.
  6. Open your main VI and your enum will have updated to the correctly.

Additional Information

If both your main VI and Statechart Diagram VI are open then the enum will not automatically update with any changes you make to your Statechart.