Complete Description of XSPICE Command Line Commands

Updated May 22, 2023



  • Multisim

I would like to use the Multisim XSPICE Command Line and I need a complete description of available commands.
Is there a syntax reference of this command language? What effect does for example the following command have?
tran 1u 5m 0 1u uic

Beside using the help of the XSPICE Command Line, for a detailed and complete description of the available commands one needs to read the SPICE3 User's Manual. For example in the case of command "tran":
  1. Launch Multisim.
  2. To open the Command Line Interface, choose Simulate»XSPICE command line interface. The XSPICE Command Line dialog box appears.
  3. In the command line, type "help tran" to get information about the command "tran".
  4. In the command line, type "help all" to get more information.
  5. Read the Multisim documentation for the Command Line Interface for additional information.
  6. Consult the External Link SPICE3 User's Manual for complete description for available commands.

Accordingly the general form .TRAN TSTEP TSTOP <TSTART <TMAX>> <UIC> runs a transient analysis, where TSTEP is the plotting increment,  TSTOP is the final time, TSTART is the initial time and TMAX is the maximum stepsize of the simulation.  If TSTART is omitted, it is assumed to be zero. By default TMAX is either TSTEP or (TSTOP-TSTART)/50.0, depending on which value is lower. UIC  (use  initial  conditions)  is  an  optional  keyword  which  indicates  that  the  user  does  not  want SPICE to solve for the quiescent operating point before beginning the transient analysis.