How to Purchase and Activate Multisim Student Edition

Updated Nov 18, 2022

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  • Multisim
  • Ultiboard

Issue Details

  • I am a student looking to purchase the Multisim Student Edition and I am wondering where to get it from?
  • Does NI sell the Student Edition of Multisim?
  • How can I activate Multisim Student Edition?


NI does not sell the Multisim Student Edition directly to students. The student must purchase the software online through one of our distributors like Studica.

Students can also download an evaluation version of the NI Circuit Design Suite Education Edition (which includes all features from the Student Edition) from our website.

If you are instead an educator and are interested in purchasing the Education Edition, please visit the Products and Services: NI Multisim: Compare Educator Options site to review the different packages NI offers.

Activation of the Student Edition is done like any other NI software, you may use the NI Activation Wizard to activate over the web when you launch the program. If there is no internet connection, the Activation Wizard will provide options for Phone, Email, Website, and Fax.

Note: Please be aware that if you own a Student Edition serial number you can only activate the Student Edition. If you download the Professional Edition, you will receive an error when trying to activate using a serial number registered for Student Edition.

Additional Information

For further instructions on how to activate NI software, refer to Activating NI Software Products or Activate NI Software Without Internet Connection