What Is the Functionality of Ethernet Port in the OctoClock CDA-2990?

Updated Feb 5, 2019

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  • CDA-2990

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I have an OctoClock CDA-2990 and I was wondering the functionality  of the Ethernet Port that is located in the front of the device. 


The Ethernet port on the OctoClock and OctoClock-G allows the device to be connected to the network. When connected, the uhd_find_devices utility can find any OctoClock devices on the network, and the device's firmware may be updated over Ethernet using the octoclock_burn_eeprom utility. In addition, with the OctoClock-G, NMEA strings may be obtained from the internal GPSDO via the UHD API. Note that there is no host CPU in the OctoClock, so it is not possible to SSH into the device.