Disable Compiling Tools for ISE 14.7 in Windows 10

Updated Feb 5, 2019

Issue Details

I'm trying to install the Embedded Control and Monitoring Software Suite on my Windows 10 machine. When I'm almost through I get the following message.

What can I do to install the software I need?


In order to be able to use the installer in Windows 10, the Compiling Tools for ISE 14.7 needs to be disabled..
  1. Select I want to install software now and click Next.
  2. Select I want to evaluate products only and click Next.
  3. Click Compilation Tools for ISE 14.7 and select Do not install.
  1. Click Next.

Additional Information

If you try selecting I want to activate one or more products in this installer the option to deselect the Compilation Tools for ISE 14.7 might not appear.