Unexpected Extra Space on My VI’s Front Panel after Disabling Menu Bars

Updated Feb 4, 2019

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I gave my application a fixed-size Front Panel. I also changed the properties of my LabVIEW VI to not show the normal LabVIEW menu bar or toolbar:

With this, I expect the window shown when executing the VI to be smaller. However, the window has the same size as before, just with empty space where the bars used to be. How can I change this?


This issue can be related to two different double configurations:
  • Go to VI Properties » Window Size, and check if there is a Minimum Panel Size defined. If so, put the default value of 0 for both Width and Height instead. These values are not needed, as you unchecked Allow user to resize window in the Customize Window Appearance dialog anyways.
  • Otherwise, check if in VI Properties » Window Run-Time Position, Position is set to Custom. If so, make sure Use Current Panel Size is checked:

Any of these two steps makes your Front Panel appear in the expected dimensions:


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