I Am Importing a DLL into LabVIEW and Some Functions Cannot Be Wrapped

Updated Aug 31, 2023

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  • LabVIEW

Programming Language

  • C

Issue Details

I'm importing a dynamic link library (DLL) into LabVIEW using the Import Shared Library wizard and some functions cannot be wrapped due to undefined symbols, how can I fix these?

What do stdint.h datatypes such as uint64_t etc. correspond to in LabVIEW when importing DLLs?


When using the Import Shared Library wizard, LabVIEW will not recognise some non-standard datatypes. To fix this, you need to specify which LabVIEW recognized types equate to the unrecognised data types in the Preprocessor Definitions (go back from the warnings screen) , as demonstrated below: 

Once all unrecognised datatypes have been specified, LabVIEW will be able to wrap all of the functions in the library.

Additional Information

Some libraries may include standard Windows types that LabVIEW does not recognise, if you are unsure of what to define these as, a list of descriptions is found (external link) here.