What Drivers Do I Need to Use NI DAQ Devices with MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB?

Updated Feb 4, 2019

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  • NI-DAQmx


  • MathWorks MATLAB®
  • Data Acquisition Toolbox for MATLAB®

Issue Details

I have some NI DAQ product that I want to use with MathWorks, Inc.  MATLAB®
What toolkits and drivers do I need to do so?


To use NI DAQ devices with MATLAB® you need the Data Acquisition Toolbox for the MATLAB® environment. In addition to this you also need to install the corresponding version of NI-DAQmx driver. Please note that the NI-DAQmx version depends on the MATLAB® release version you are using. Also be advised that only one specific version of NI-DAQmx is supported by the MATLAB® release. Refer to the links below to find out more about the software requirements.

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