Modules Needed to Daisy Chain Two PXI Chassis

Updated Jul 29, 2019

Reported In


  • PXI Chassis
  • PXI Bus Extension Module
  • PXI Remote Control Module

Issue Details

I want to daisy chain two of my PXI chassis together. What modules do I need in the master and slave chassis?


In the master chassis, you will need a PXI Bus Extension Module such as the PXI-8364 or PXI-8367 seated in the peripheral slot. In the slave chassis, you will need a PXI Remote Control Module such as the PXI-8360 or PXI-8368 seated in the controller slot. There are a number of offerings for the bus extension module and the remote control module depending on the MXI-Express technology you intend to use (ex. Gen 2 x8). 

Additional Information

For more detailed information about PXI and PXIe daisy chaining, refer to the PXI Remote Control and System Expansion Product Flyer