What does As-Found and As-Left Mean in My NI Calibration Report?

Updated Feb 9, 2024

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  • Calibration Fixture

Issue Details

  • I got a calibration report from NI (or after running Calibration Executive software), and I need clarification on what the results mean. What does "As Found" and "As Left" results mean in my calibration report?
  • My NI Calibration Certificate indicates that some tests failed. Is my device calibrated correctly?​​​​


There are two results in a calibration report, each with different maximum and minimum limits:

  • As-Found: Indicates if the module is within specifications on arrival and before performing the adjustment process. 
  • As-Left: Indicates if the device is within specifications after the adjustment and also if it is likely to stay within specifications for another calibration interval. Notice the limits for "As-Left" results are tighter. If these limits are not met, the module could still be within specs, but it might be out of calibration before the calibration interval ends, which can put data at risk. 

Additional Information

If a Calibration Executive report shows that the As-Left data failed, it means that there is actually something wrong, and some actions need to be taken:
  • Even if the measurements in the report are within specifications, the module might be out of specifications during the next calibration period, which will put data at risk if the module is used.  
  • The Adjustment process didn't adjust the module successfully, which means that the module should be sent for repair.