Determine Full Path Name for Specific Variable in TestStand

Updated Jan 28, 2019

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  • TestStand

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I'm trying to find the correct name for a runtime variable in TestStand but can't seem to locate it in the variables pane. For instance, the start time of a sequence using the Sequential Process Model can be found in the runtime variable RunState.Root.Locals.StartTime. In the Batch Process Model though, this variable does not exist. How can I find this variable with the same value in the Batch Process Model?


A good way to find the equivalent Sequential Process Model variable RunState.Root.Locals.StartTime when using the Batch Process Model is to follow the steps outlined below.

1. Set a breakpoint anywhere in your MainSequence
2. Run your sequence using the Test UUTs execution option
3. When the breakpoint pauses the execution of the sequence, type Ctrl+f and search for the variable you are looking for. For the example here, you could search for "starttime". The results will tell you the full path name. In the Batch Process Model, this specific variable can be found under RunState.Root.Parameters.ModelData.StartTime.



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