Error -1074396080: Invalid Image Type

Updated May 22, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • Vision Development Module

Issue Details

I recieve error -1074396080 when using an IMAQ or IMAQdx function, such as any of these:
  • I use the IMAQ Write File 2 function to save my 16bit image into JPEG
  • I am trying to do particle analysis on multiple images and have modified the Particle Orientation from the Example Finder 
  • I have a color image with distinct features which I try counting using IMAQ Count Objects 2
Error -1074396080 occurred at <function>.
Possible reason(s):
Invalid image type.



This error will occur when the function you are using does not support your Image Type. Check which image types  you can pass in as source/input images to your function.

If you want to use a function that does not support your current Image Type, you can try using the IMAQ Cast Image  function to convert the image to a compatible image type.

Note: Always be sure to verify the images to ensure it is the type you expect, especially after casting the image to another data type or bitness.
If you are using a thresholding VI, ensure it is the correct VI for the specific image type:
  • If you have a colored image, you need to use IMAQ Color before you do particle analysis.
  • If you have a monochrome image you need to use IMAQ before you do particle analysis.
  • If you have a colored image and need to use IMAQ, then you need to use IMAQ to convert the 16 bit image to a 8 bit image before performing thresholding using the IMAQ