Connecting the BNC-2110 to the PCIe-6323 to Use All Analog Output Channels

Updated Jun 10, 2024

Reported In


  • BNC-2110
  • PCIe-6323

Issue Details

I am trying to connect a BNC-2110 to the PCIe-6323 but I see that the PCIe-6323 has two connections on it. If I just connect one BNC board to the card, can I use all four analog output channels on the card?


No, just connecting one BNC-2110 will not give you access to all of the analog output channels.  In order to access all four analog output channels on the PCIe-6323, you will need to connect two BNC breakout boards to the PCIe card.

Additional Information

This is because the PCIe-6323 is a dual connector card. This means that half of the analog input channels and half of the analog output channels are available on each connection.