My Simulation Stops Working After a Few Seconds in Multisim

Updated Jul 7, 2023

Reported In


  • Multisim

Issue Details

I use Multisim to simulate my circuit. When I run the simulation, after a few seconds, it stops working:

Why does Multisim stop to simulate correctly the circuit?


To fix this issue, you can change the properties of the simulation in Multisim.
You can modify them by clicking on Simulate >> Analyses and simulation:

Then you go to Interactive Simulation >> Analysis options >> Customize:

Go to the Transcient options and select Gear as Integration method:

Click Ok on the Custom Analysis Options window and click Save on the Analyses and Simulation window.
Then, you can run your simulation.

Additional Information

This issue comes from the convergence of the simulation. Most of the times if the software cannot converge to the result, it will display a pop up to let you know. Sometimes, Multisim does not detect the convergence issue so it continues to display the simulated signaled which goes wrong.