Why Does Waveform and Array Show as Same Datatype?

Updated Feb 11, 2019

Issue Details

I have been doing some research into the inner workings of the TDMS file format. I have noticed that when using the 'TDMS Get Properties' function the given 'NI_DataType' for both a waveform and a numeric array are the same. They are both an double precision numeric.

I would expect them to be of different datatypes. Why is this?


Waveforms consist of up to three discrete pieces of data. 
t0A timestamp representing the time at which the signal starts.
dtA double numeric that describes the difference in time in seconds between each sample in the signal.
YA 1D array of doubles that contains the values of the samples of that signal.

However, the 'primary' data of a waveform is 'Y', the 1D array containing the values of the signal. This is the property retrieved when discerning the datatype of the waveform. 


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