Maximum Allowed Voltage in the roboRIO's DIO

Updated Jan 21, 2019

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  • roboRIO-FRC
  • roboRIO

Issue Details

The roboRIO's Specification Sheet does not give a maximum input voltage for its digital inputs. Can the roboRIO's DIO handle a 12VDC input?


The maximum allowable input voltage is 5.25 VDC. Anything higher could potentially cause damage to the roboRIO.

Additional Information

In page 4 of the Specification Sheet it's mentioned:


Digital I/O

 Input logic levels

  Input low voltage = VIL 0.0 V min; 0.8 V max

  Input high voltage = VIH 2.0 V min; 5.25 V max


While it is not specified as the maximum allowed voltage, the Logic Level shows the hardware's capability in these terminals, thus establishing the Maximum Allowed Voltage, too.