Changes in Ribbon Cable Connections from NI-2532 to NI-2532B

Updated Aug 2, 2023

Reported In


  • TB-2640
  • TB-2640B
  • PXIe-2532
  • PXIe-2532B
  • PXI-2532
  • PXI-2532B

Issue Details

I have upgraded from PXIe-2532 and TB-2640 to PXIe-2532B and TB-2640B, but TB-2640B has different connection labels than TB-2640. How do I change my ribbon cable connections for use with the new terminal blocks?


NI PXI/PXIe-2532B (NI 2532B) is designed as a replacement for PXI/PXIe-2532 (NI 2532). The cables currently used in an existing NI 2532 system with the TB-264x can be swapped directly to plug into a system with the NI 2532B and a TB-264x.

Refer to the following images to see how current configurations cable connections can be directly swapped from the NI 2532 to the NI 2532B.

NI 2532 Terminal Block Configuration

NI 2532B Terminal Block Configuration

The following tables show the corresponding connection between TB-2640 and TB-2640B.
Terminal Block ModuleColumn Connection Header 1Column Connection Header 2Column Connection Header 3Column Connection Header 4
NI TB-2640BJ2J3J12J13
Terminal Block ModuleRow Connection Header 1Row Connection Header 2
NI TB-2640J3J4
NI TB-2640BJ4J5