Maximum Carry Current of C Series Relay Output Modules

Updated Apr 3, 2019

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  • C Series Relay Output Module

Issue Details

I would like to know the maximum carry current specification of a C Series Relay Output Module, but I can only find the maximum switching current listed. What current can these relays handle when they are closed?


In situations where the maximum carry current is not specified, you should not exceed the maximum switching current specification.

Additional Information

Maximum switching current: the maximum current, measured in amps, that can be flowing through a relay as it is closing. If you close relays while there is voltage present it is known as 'hot switching' and will cause the relays to degrade more quickly than 'cold switching' or 'dry switching'. Cold switching is when relays switch with the power supply disabled. This eliminates all current from flowing through the relay as it closes and increases relay life. Current is the flow of positive electrical charge through a cable or path. Voltage is the electrical potential difference that causes a flow of electricity (current). With a higher voltage more current will flow through the relay.

Maximum carry current: the maximum current, measured in amps, that can flow through a relay once the relay has fully closed. When the software command is sent to close a relay, it takes some time to finish closing (known as the operate time). During this time only 'Maximum switching current' should be present. After this operate time has passed the relay can withstand up to the Maximum carry current.


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