Programmatically Change the Number of Shift Registers In a Loop

Updated Feb 1, 2019

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  • LabVIEW

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I use shift registers to save the numbers with a circular buffering:

Now, I need to have a control to let the user choose how many numbers the VI must save.
How can I programmatically change the number of shift registers in a loop?


You cannot change the number of shift registers in a VI.
But if you want to store data with a circular buffering, there are two methods:
  • you can create your own VI to implement the circular buffering or download the VI for free here,
  • you can use the Queue:
When you create a queue, you can define a maximum size and then use the "Lossy Enqueue Element" function to enqueue with a circular buffering.
Here is a snippet which does this operation:

Additional Information

Know that you can drag and drop the attached snippet on the Block Diagram of your VI.


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