Generating Hardware-Timed Signal Pulses on a PXIe-653x

Updated Jun 23, 2023



  • PXIe-6535
  • PCIe-6535
  • PCIe-6535B
  • PXIe-6535B
  • PXIe-6536
  • PCIe-6536
  • PCIe-6536B
  • PXIe-6536B
  • PCIe-6537
  • PXIe-6537
  • PCIe-6537B
  • PXIe-6537B

I have a PXIe-653x and I want to generate a hardware timed pulse output with DAQmx. However there is no option for setting Counter outputs for this card. Is it possible to generate a hardware timed pulse output, and how do I accomplish this?

While the PXIe-6535 has all of the necessary hardware to generate pulses (an onboard clock and digital outputs), DAQmx does not support doing this through the counter output function. In order to create hardware timed outputs, you will need to use a digital IO line and build your pulse trains manually.

See the following code screenshot for a 50% duty cycle example: