Registering External Objects in DataPlugin

Updated Jan 9, 2019

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I have written a DataPlugin that uses external objects. It runs fine in My DataFinder, but when I push it to the DataFinder Server it fails on the object. How do you register these .NET objects to run on the DataFinder Server?


You will need to make sure the external objects you are calling are present and correctly registered on whatever computer you are running the DataPlugin on. For guidance on the process for registering these objects, you will need to reach out to Microsoft support for assistance. One thing you can try to troubleshoot this issue is to take the CreateObject() command line from the DataPlugin and paste it into a new *.VBS file. Double click the file within Windows Explorer to test if the VBScript running the VBScript host that ships with Windows can instantiate the .NET object. Once it does, then National Instruments will be able to support you further. 


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