Configure My Client Computer to Look to Multiple Server Computers

Updated Jan 9, 2019

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  • Volume License Manager

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My client computer uses products that are licensed through a Volume License Agreement. The licenses are hosted on more than one server computer, so my client computer needs to look to all of the server computers. How do I configure this?


You can configure a client computer to look to multiple servers using the NI License Manager.
From the client computer, complete the following steps

       1. Open NI License Manager (Start»Programs»National Instruments»NI License Manager). 
       2. Select the button in the top-left-hand-corner and chose Manage Volume Licence Servers
       3. Enter the names of your volume license servers separated by a comma in the popup
        4. Click OK

Additional Information

 You can enter either a server name, the server's network name, or the server's IP address. You can also configure your products to look at a specific port on a network server. Enter the network server name followed by colon and the port number: server[:port]. Example legal server names are listed below.
  • server
  • server:27000
 When no port is specified, 27000 is implied. Ports range from 0-64000, inclusive. 


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