PXI-4070 Maximum Reading Rate In 4-Wire Resistance Measurement Mode

Updated Jun 5, 2020

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  • PXI-4070


  • NI-DMM

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I am using the Digital Multimeter PXI-4070 that provides the capability to perform voltage measurement and 2 or 4-wire resistance measurement. I am interested in measuring a resistance using the 4-Wire Resistance measurement mode.

I would like to know the maximum reading rate of the device for this type of measurement. Unfortunately, in the specifications sheet, I could not find information about resistance measurement.

How would I determine the maximum reading rate in 4-wire resistance mode for the PXI-4070?


In the specification sheet, there is a table in the DC specification section showing the Digital Multimeter reading rate according to the digits and the number of bits used as shown below.

The reading rate for resistance measurement is similar to the reading rate for DC measurement since the resistance is a function of the voltage. This can be verified by executing the LabVIEW example VI "Maximizing DC Reading Rate.vi" available in the LabVIEW Find Example Tool. According to the number of digits selected we can observe that the reading rates in 4-wire resistance type are comparable to those shown in the table of the DC specifications above. For example for if we perform a 4-wire resistance measurement using 6½ digits (10m Aperture Time), we get a reading rate of 99 S/s as shown in the image below. For 5½ digits (300u) we get 2.3 kS/s and for 4½ digits (45u) we get 5.57 kS/s.


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