How To Determine The Multi-Channel Sampling Rate for USB-6363?

Updated Oct 26, 2020



  • USB-6363


  • LabVIEW


  • NI-DAQmx

I am using the USB-6363 which has 32 single-ended or 16 differential Analog Input channels.
According to the specifications sheet, the Single channel maximum sample rate is 2.00 MS/s and the Multichannel maximum (aggregate) sample rate is 1.00 MS/s. I would like to acquire from 6 channels at 1 MS/s and I am not able to reach this rate.
How do I determine the multi-channel sampling rate?

The USB-6363 uses 1 ADC on which all of the signals are multiplexed. Therefore, the multi-channel sampling rate is aggregate over the number of configured channels.

To determine the maximum sample rate per channel, you should divide the Multi-channel maximum (aggregate) sample rate by the number of configured channels. So for 6 channels on the USB-6363, the maximum sampling rate per channel will be 166KS/s.

Additional Information

On one channel, you should be able to sample at 2MS/s. With multiple channels, your aggregate rate will be 1MS/s.