How Can I Use XCP on CAN FD at ECUMC Toolkit?

Updated Jan 23, 2019

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  • ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit



Issue Details

I use PCI-8513 to develop XCP on CAN FD applications. I know that ECU Measurement & Calibration (ECUMC) Toolkit 18.0 that support CAN FD is released. 
How can I use CAN FD in ECUMC?


The toolkit itself should mostly operate the same for CAN or CAN FD.
The only real difference is setting the different baud rate properties through the appropriate function calls.
CAN FD parameters could be defined at A2L file. 
If their A2L file doesn't contain the correct physical layer parameters such as baud rates etc, then you can try to set them explicitly by calling MC Set 

The snippet below shows how to set CAN FD properties dynamically. This code is based on Multiple example.

Note : You can set the custom baud rate for CAN and FD by this API. You can directly put the custom baud rate same with XNET APIs. For more information about custom baud rate, please refer to this link. How Can I Set Custom Baud Rates on NI-XNET Devices?