How Do I Change Data Format into ASCII Using DIAdem?

Updated Jan 9, 2019

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  • DIAdem
  • LabVIEW DataPlugin Software Development Kit 2019

Issue Details

When I saved my data in DIAdem, it is automatically saved as TDM Files(*.tdm).
However, I want to change and save my data type into ASCII format(*.dat). How can I do this using DIAdem?


DIAdem can save data files as various binary data types, ASCII data, and so on.

In order to save data channels currently in DIAdem’s My DataFinder into an ASCII file, you first need to change the default output file type.

As you know, default data type is *.tdm. Due to this, you must change Save as type from *.tdm to *.dat if you want to save it in ASCII format like figure below.

If *.dat format doesn’t appear at Save as type pulldown list, you should download DAT Dataplugin. It enables users to read and write DIAdem DAT files.

You can refer to the following link: DAT DataPlugin

Additional Information

DIAdem DAT supports the following ASCII and binary formats: REAL32, REAL48, REAL 64, MSREAL32, INT16, INT32, WORD8, WORD16, WORD32, TWOC12, TWOC16, ASCII.


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