NI-RIO Device Drivers 2014 f1 Release Notification

Updated May 4, 2023

Reported In


  • cRIO-9068
  • cRIO-9067
  • cRIO-9066
  • NI-9149


  • NI-RIO

Issue Details

  • I received an update notification that NI-RIO Device Drivers August 2014 f1 was released. Why should I download this update?
  • I tried to deploy a VI to my cRIO but I get error -63107 saying that the versions of NI-RIO on my PC and my cRIO do not match. I checked and they are the same version. Why am I getting this message and how do i fix it?


This update resolves an issue that affects the following NI Linux Real-Time targets: cRIO-9066, cRIO-9067, cRIO-9068, and NI 9149. NI strongly recommends that you install this update if you are using one of these devices.

Follow these steps to ensure you install the update on your devices: 
  1. Install the NI-RIO Device Drivers August 2014 f1 on your host computer. You can verify that the update has been installed in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) by expanding Software under My System. You should see NI-RIO 14.0.1 if the update has been installed succesfully. You can choose to download this through update service or through the download page in the related links section.
  2. Update the firmware on your affected controllers. Refer to the linked KnowledgeBase article below for more information about how to update the firmware on your current controllers. You can verify the firmware on the controllers have been updated by looking at the System Settings tab of the controller. There will be an entry for Firmware Revision. It should be 2.1.0f0 or higher. 
  3. Update the software on your target. Refer to the KnowledgeBase article below to format and reinstall software on your target. To Verify you have the correct software installed on your target, expand Software in MAX under your target. You should see NI CompactRIO 14.0.1.

Additional Information

NI discovered a hardware issue in which a pin in a non-user facing components of the FPGA was being used outside of specification. This issue affects the Scan Engine, Device Discovery, Safemode bitfiles, and all customer generated bitfiles. This issue does not affect data integrity or safety in any way.

This update fixes the bitfile generation process for the affected controllers by modifying the top-level VHDL code that gets compiled into every user bitfile. NI recommends that you recompile any previously built bitfiles and update the software on each controller that you intend to use. If you have any previously deployed applications using the affected controllers NI strongly recommends that you update the bitfiles on those controllers after you install the NI-RIO Device Drivers August 2014 f1 update. 

If you try to deploy a bitfile built in a earlier version of NI-RIO, you may return error code -63107. If you try to deploy a bitfile built with the NI-RIO Device Drivers August 2014 f1 release to a controller that does not have the update installed, you may return error code -63034. Upgrade your target to the latest NI-RIO version available on the system. You cannot discover modules in the affected controllers until you have updated software on the controller.