Powering NI cDAQ and cRIO Chassis

Updated Jan 9, 2023

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  • CompactDAQ Chassis
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Issue Details

  • I ordered a cDAQ/cRIO chassis. Does it include a power supply? What if I want to power the chassis with a separate power supply?
  • I am currently ordering a cDAQ/cRIO chassis. What power supply accessory option should I choose to power my chassis?


NI cDAQ chassis (917x, 918x, 9191) will ship with an included power supply and do not require any additional power supplies to function. NI cDAQ controllers (913x) and cRIO controllers (90xx) do not. These will require purchasing an additional power supply.

If you are still in the purchasing phase for a device that does not come with a power supply by default and are curious which industrial power supply option to select, you may choose any of the listed options. All of them will power a single chassis or controller successfully. NI offers larger power supply options for systems in which the power supply is used to power other devices in addition to the chassis or controller.

Additional Information

  • If you would like to power your chassis or controller with a non-NI power supply, you can do that using the combicon terminal block ┬áprovided with all cDAQ and cRIO controllers, the cDAQ-9185, and cDAQ-9189. A non-NI power supply may be used with a cDAQ chassis, but a terminal block must be purchased separately.
  • While each chassis can be powered using the provided supply, some NI C Series modules require an external power supply to operate. Check the specifications sheet of your module if you suspect an external power supply may be required.