MXI Configurations Supported in LabVIEW Real-Time

Updated Jan 2, 2019

Reported In


  • Device for PXI Remote Control
  • PXI Remote Control Module
  • PXI Bus Extension Module

Issue Details

  • Can I use a MXI-4 or MXI-Express system to transfer data using a master PXI(e) chassis with a real-time (RT) controller?
  • What MXI configurations (star or daisy-chain) are supported with LabVIEW RT?


MXI-4 and MXI-Express cards are supported under LabVIEW RT and can be used to transfer data between a slave chassis to a master chassis.

Both MXI-4 and MXI-Express cards support connecting multiple slave chassis to the master chassis in either daisy-chain or star configurations.
  • For more information and compatibility for various topologies read the MXI user manual for your device.

Additional Information

In software, a multi-chassis system can be configured using Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX).  Current versions of MAX will auto-detect the additional chassis, but legacy versions will require manual configuration

The star topology requires the host PC/master chassis to have a slot available for each PXI chassis you want to control. Each PXI chassis is connected directly to an NI PCI Device for PXI Remote Control installed in the host computer. This topology has the highest throughput; however, it requires one PCI slot and one PCI Device for PXI Remote Control for each PXI chassis.