How to Use Diagnostic over IP (ISO 13400-2) with NI Automotive Diagnostic Command Set Toolkit

Updated Dec 22, 2023



  • Automotive Diagnostic Command Set Toolkit
  • LabVIEW

I am trying to perform diagnostic over IP using NI Automotive Diagnostic Command Set Toolkit 18.0, but my ECU remains unresponsive. I debugged communication with WireShark and got error given below as a result.

My ECU requires DoIP in ISO 13400-2 version. According to the ADCS product overview, ISO 13400 support is included. Does the ADCS toolkit support also ISO 13400-2 version?

The ISO 13400 document has been revised to include additional features etc. This revision is normally documented with a colon like this "ISO 13400-2:2010" or "ISO 13400-2:2012"

ADCS 18.0 and earlier only support ISO 13400-2:2010
ADCS 18.5 introduces support for ISO 13400-2:2012.

In your case, your ECU must be using ISO 13400-2:2012, so the solution to this problem is to use ADCS 18.5  .