How Can I Read all Waveforms in the File Using Read Waveform from

Updated Dec 28, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I saved the Multi Waveform using Write Waveforms to The Append to file that is control of Write Waveform to is true which means appends data to an existing file. So, I wrote various Waveforms in sequence.

I hope that Multi Waveform are read using Read Waveform from However, Only First Waveform is read. How do I read all of the Waveforms?


Read Waveform from opens a file created with the Write Waveforms to and reads one record of the file.

Read Waveform from has a ‘offset’ control that specifies in records which record to read from the file. The value of offset control is 0. So, If you don’t handle the value, you read only first Waveform from file.

To read all Waveforms in the file, Change the offset value from 0 to One less than the total number of Waveforms.

For example, If you input 1 as offset value like below, you will obtain second waveform among multi Waveforms.