SCB-68 and SCB-68A Electric Isolation, Noise Rejecting, Shielding Capabilities

Updated Apr 20, 2023

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  • SCB-68
  • SCB-68A

Issue Details

  • The SCB-68 and the SCB-68A are labeled as a noise rejecting, shielded I/O connector block on your website.  What are the noise rejecting and shielding capabilities of these two items? 
  • Do the SCB-68 and the SCB-68A provide electronic isolation such that the system components connected to the SCB-68 or SCB-68A are electronically isolated from the DAQ card that is reading in the signals?
  • Do the SCB-68 and the SCB-68A provide the same isolating properties as an opto-isolator (optical isolator)?


The SCB-68 and the SCB-68A:
  • are breakout terminal blocks
  • do not provide electronic isolation of your system, such as what an opto-isolator (optical isolator) would provide
  • do not have built-in on-board signal conditioning, but you are able to add your own circuitry onto the boards
  • provide shielding from electromagnetic interference (EMI) when used with the shielded cable that connects to the NI DAQ card
    • the shielding and thus noise rejection protection is only provided at the physical points between where the wire is connected to the terminal blocks on the board and the NI DAQ card (when used with a shielded 68 pin cable)

Additional Information

This breakout board has SCSI connection, as opposed to having a screw terminal connection.