NI-XNET Error -1074384887 Occurs When Running Executable

Updated May 31, 2019

Reported In


  • USB-8502
  • NI-9860



Issue Details

  • I have an NI-XNET application that uses the USB-8502 to send and receive CAN communication for product testing running on a deployment machine. The application predefines a list of CAN frames to send in a queue. The program monitors the remaining size of the queue using the NumPend property of the session and will resend the messages when the queue is empty. When the code is running, error -1074384887 will occur at the NumPend property node. In one instance, this occurred after 3 hours of running, while another instance occurred after 8 hours.
  • I built an EXE on a development computer using NI-XNET 16.1. XNET 17.5.1 runtime is installed on the deployment computer. We ran the EXE for several hours without problems (overnight), and eventually got XNET Error -1074384887 at XNET Start. When I opened MAX, it showed several cDAQ modules with errors, including the NI-9860.

Error -1074384887 ocurred at XNET 1790032

Possible reason(s):

NI-XNET: (Hex 0xBFF63009) The board's firmware did not answer a command. Solution: Stop your application and execute a self test. Try deactivating/reactivating the driver in the Device Manager. If the problem persists, contact National Instruments.



Make sure you have installed on the deployment computer the same NI-XNET Runtime version as on the development computer.