How To Get Command Line Arguments In TestStand Sequence Editor?

Updated May 17, 2023



  • TestStand

I run my sequence via command line  and pass some parameters. How can I get those parameters in the sequence using ActiveX API?

Follow these steps to get the command line arguments into TestStand Sequence Editor:
  1. You have to get a reference of the Application Manager by using an ActiveX/COM step. In the example below the reference received by the GetInternalOption method and is stored in a local variable called AppMngRef. Please be aware that with other TestStand versions the Automaton Server also changes its version.
  1. Get the CommandLineArguments reference by using another Active X/COM step configured as shown below: The reference is saved in a local variable called CmdLineArg.

  1.  Get the CommandLineArguments items as string by using the following ActiveX/COM step. In this example the first item (itemIndex = 0) is stored in a local variable called cmdLineArgString

Please be aware of the different Automation Servers used in each step.