PXIe-1095 Power Supply Location and Usage

Updated Apr 24, 2023

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  • PXIe-1095

Issue Details

A PXIe-1095 chassis has two possible power shuttle locations. One in the middle and one on the right side of the back of the chassis as shown in the picture below.

What spot does it come in by default? Does it need both to function properly?


When the PXIe-1095 chassis is shipped, it will be installed on the right edge of the chassis. However, you can always move it to the other available slot if needed.

In order to dissipate 82W of power in every slot, both 1200W power supplies are required. For applications consisting entirely of modules dissipating up to 38W each, 1 power supply is required with the second being redundant. There would also be a small difference in the cooling as well.

As an example, if just one module needs 82 W and the rest of the modules only need 38 W, then one power supply is enough. A power budget needs to be performed to determine if only one power supply is needed or both.

The part number for the second power supply is PN 786300-01.

Additional Information

When shipped with one power supply, the second power supply slot is covered with a power supply filler panel. This power supply filler panel must be installed to maintain proper chassis cooling performance when operating with a single power supply. If needed, spare power supply filler panel kits are available with PN 786342-01.