Why Does My VI Snippet Turn Local Variables into Property Nodes

Updated Dec 24, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

When I make a VI Snippet that contains Local Variables, all of the Local Variables are converted into Property Nodes with Refnums. Why does this happen?


The Edit » Create VI Snippet from Selection function uses the Edit » Create SubVI functionality built into LabVIEW, so when a Snippet is created, LabVIEW is going through the process of creating a SubVI. The Create VI Snippet from Selection tool can be accessed in LabVIEW, as seen below:

Local variables may be tied to variables that are inside or outside of their subVI, and because of this they need property nodes with refunms so that their references can be passed from outside of the subVI.  This is why any Local Variable will be changed to a Property Node as a subVI would need a reference passed to it to have the same functionality as a top level program with a Local Variable. An example of the VI snippet conversion can be seen in the image below: