How to Deactivate a Volume License Manager Seat

Updated Dec 14, 2018

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  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

  • I use the NI Volume License Manager to license the NI software at my company. Unfortunately, I have reached the limit of my available seats, and I would like to revoke, deactivate or delete some users from the licenses that have been already assigned.
  • How to I remove a user or computer from an existing license?


You can add and remove licenses from a user or computer by editing its setting in the Volume License Manager software.


  1. Go to the Users or Computers tab.
    1. If your license is user-based, please add or remove the licenses from the Users tab. If your license is computer-based, please add or remove licenses from the Computers tab.
  2. Select the user or computer that you want to edit and click on Edit User/Edit Computer.
  3. Under Explicit Licenses, select the license you wish to deactivate and select Remove.

Additional Information

Find more information about the User and Computer edit options in the Volume License Manager help: Editing Users or Computers


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