Error -1074384345 When Deploying System Definition File

Updated Dec 18, 2018

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • VeriStand



Issue Details

I'm trying to deploy my VeriStand system definition file and I get

Error -1074384345 occured at

Possible reason(s): 

NI-XNET: (Hex 0xBFF63227) Remote communication with the LabVIEW RT target failed because the host and target versions of NI-XNET are different. Solution: On the target, install the same NI-XNET version that is installed on the host. 



You need to install the same version of NI-XNET on Windows and on cRIO, but sometimes the error might come up also if the version are the same. In this case try always to reinstall the NI-XNET driver on the target and on Windows.