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Which NI Signal Generators Support Scripting?

Updated Dec 11, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-5421
  • PCI-5421
  • PXI-5422
  • PXI-5441
  • PXIe-5442
  • PXIe-5450
  • PXIe-5451



Issue Details

I want to use the scripting functionality of the NI-FGEN software, what hardware must I use?


For a board to be able to support scripting it must be based on the Synchronization and Memory Core (SMC) Architecture. This scripting feature is only for the National Instruments Arbitrary Waveform Generators. Some of the Function Generators are SMC-based, but they do not support scripting.

The Arbitrary Waveform Generators that support scripting are:
  • NI 5421
  • NI 5422
  • NI 5441
  • NI 5442
  • NI 5450
  • NI 5451