Can I Use the NI PCIe-1433 with 2 Base Configuration Cameras?

Updated Nov 21, 2019

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  • PCIe-1433
  • PCIe-1430



Issue Details

I have a NI PCIe-1433 Camera Link frame grabber that I want to use with 2 Base configuration cameras.  I see that the card has two 26-pin MDR connectors.  Does this mean I can use this frame grabber with 2 cameras?


No, it is not possible to use the NI PCIe-1433 to capture images from two Base configuration cameras.  While a Base configuration camera will only use the first MDR connector (Port 0), this does not mean that the second MDR connector (Port 1) can be used for another camera.  You will only use the second MDR connector on the PCIe-1433 if you are using a Medium or Full configuration camera.  Medium and Full configuration cameras require cables that plug into both MDR connectors (Port 0 and Port 1).

Even though Ports 1 and 2 look identical and have the same type of connector, they do not have the same type of functionality.  The pins on Port 0 have different kinds of physical connections within the PCIe-1433 than Port 1.  Because the ports are fundamentally different physical connectors, it is impossible to use them both in the same way.  Therefore, you cannot use two Base configuration cameras with the NI PCIe-1433.

There is a frame grabber that supports the use of up to 2 Base configuration cameras. The NI PCIe-1430 has two 26-pin MDR connectors, each of which supports a Camera Link camera operating in the Base configuration. Since there is only one connector for each camera, the NI PCIe-1430 does not support the Medium or Full Camera Link configurations. Using the NI PCIe-1430, you can acquire images from two separate Base configuration cameras using one frame grabber.