Difference Between the String Property Nodes "Value" and "Text.Text"

Updated Nov 29, 2023

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  • LabVIEW

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I am using property nodes for a String Control in LabVIEW. I would like to access the data in the string using property nodes. I see two property nodes that might work - "Value" and "Text.Text". What is the difference between them?


While in most cases, the result of the two property nodes is the same, there is a small difference between the two. The "Text.Text" property node returns the text that happens to be in the control at the time the property node executes. However, the "Value" property node returns the text in the string control the last time it was confirmed. The value of a control is confirmed when the user clicks outside the control or pressed the enter key while editing the control. The screenshot of the block diagram illustrates the difference. 

In this block diagram, you will notice that the text that you type in the control "Main String" will appear in the Indicator "Text.Text" as you are typing it. However, your changes are updated in the indicator "Value" only after you press enter or click outside the control.

If you want the output from the "Value" property to update as you type, include the "Update While Typing" property, as shown in the following screenshot.